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I Jesse Gee sit here at 47 Ave A on Sept 1st 2012 with a great sense of peace that all is , as it should be .

I am looking forward to bring as much as I can find for the amusement of my clients.
  Emerald Green with tones of pink will be sent by the crafters that contribute to this gallery.
I have a new jeweler who loves copper mixed with silver at a reasonable price .  I already sold a piece to a good client and friend.
J.J. Guevara---made the most amazing semi-precious- Lariats that look like a movie set in color and composition.  Look out east village !!!!!!!!!!!!

I will continue - to give you opulence on Ave A---------------------------------------------------------------- despite all the bad news on the air about the economy  ugh!!; the latest shootings.

Food , Music , and Art,   heal.
Enjoy all three and stay away from troubled, gossip and noisy, people.
Its their way of life and they can have it , if that's how they live their lives.............

Their absense will only he…