Sunday, November 18, 2012


An artist is a person engaged in one or more of any broad spectrum of activities related to creating art , practicing the arts , and , or, demonstrating an art form .

This definition according to Wikipedia sums up what we think an artist is.
A person who creates art
A person who promotes art
A person who creates art as an occupation
A person that is skilled at an artistic activity

Galleria J Antonio- fit's all the above definitions :  The only trouble is ,no, one, entered the financial rewards of being an artist.
*******Amazing Fabulous Broke.********
Sometimes you get paid --sometimes you don't get paid.

If you don't care, and really mean it - your life is happy.
Try, caring that you did not get paid for what your worth!!!!  Oh Boy--- Unhappiness!!!!!!

The reward comes from doing the work , creating what the skill or the - outcome / process by which you live in order to get those rewards.

I have no regrets about my choice to live an uncomplicated life with very little possessions and very little to do with what the world creates as financial rewards.

I know artist that get paid lots$$$$$$$ for their work but the process is the same -its not the money that brings about the REWARD.
Its the regurgitation of the ideas and project inside you that gives you that endorphin buzz.

Sandy and Bernie Madoff both hit all the places where the banks live inside of us.

Loss of property, income, possessions , control, and the fear of LOSS.

I learned from the Aids Holocaust that no matter what you have or own they quickly lose their importance , when you are faced with your death.
No one can take what you know, can do , or your ability to reinvent yourself.

Sandy came and left and Galleria J Antonio will survive because



Sunday, September 30, 2012


I have a love affair with TIME-
and how TIME is used by a population.

I just got these new brightly colored watches that bring a smile to every one's face.

I have customers that say " I no longer use a watch , my cell phone is accurate"

Then, they buy a watch from me because, they understand that today a watch, is an accessory that tells people about you.

I must admit that my passion for time pieces will always drive me to have , repair, and showcase watches
 ----even though
---the Internet has taken profit, availability, and the fun out of that market.

So many of my customers are grateful  that I, SERVICE , sell , and care about that department.

Here are the Jeri Hall watches that she put on hold 34 yrs ago and never came back for on 57th street.
That's another delicious story.
If you have a watch and do not know how it works I will walk you through it.  My pleasure

Friday, August 31, 2012


I Jesse Gee sit here at 47 Ave A on Sept 1st 2012 with a great sense of peace that all is , as it should be .

I am looking forward to bring as much as I can find for the amusement of my clients.
  Emerald Green with tones of pink will be sent by the crafters that contribute to this gallery.
I have a new jeweler who loves copper mixed with silver at a reasonable price .  I already sold a piece to a good client and friend.
J.J. Guevara---made the most amazing semi-precious- Lariats that look like a movie set in color and composition.  Look out east village !!!!!!!!!!!!

I will continue - to give you opulence on Ave A---------------------------------------------------------------- despite all the bad news on the air about the economy  ugh!!; the latest shootings.

Food , Music , and Art,   heal.
Enjoy all three and stay away from troubled, gossip and noisy, people.
Its their way of life and they can have it , if that's how they live their lives.............

Their absense will only help you enjoy whats left of the life you have.

Come by and see the new things I brought in including the HOT GLASS- that has over sized Dot's so  it sit anyway you want.
or the Chandelier earrings that really look like tiny chandeliers

I look forward to Fall 2012  , let the runway begin

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Difference between STYLE and FASHION ?

I am out in New York , everyday.  The fact that a car here is a liability rather than a necessity , keeps us on the pavement.  I see people everyday, that are in their opinion, put together enough to go outside their apartments.  I love to people watch, and wonder where they are going  ??????
Some people have Style , Some have Fashion.  

Style has a sort of presence in a person's complete being .  I have seen people jogging with a bottle of water , but, still have a style ,to their being.  I know people that can put anything on and make it look expensive , or , well placed.   I know people that spend lots on everything they own and they still look mismatched and worn.  I have seen men standing in line with just the right style , no matter what brought them to that line.
I have been on elevators with great classic haircuts ,as well as , colored and rubber banded ponytails.
Style for me is a way of life , not an, object or a trend. 
Fashion for me is in the moment , the wave , or just an expression of that day or outfit, in your life. 

I just wanted to blog today that I live in the best city in the world for style and fashion.  New Yorkers make crossing the street an event .  Our diverse cultures, and shopping make a .99 cent scarf huging a Findi coat acceptable.
Remember what I always say " Enjoy yourself , It's already tommorrow." 

Friday, July 6, 2012

Our Web Site is up for all of you to use was published on the 4th of July.

I used the day that the United States was born to give birth to our web site.
Galleria J Antonio is:
American Made Products on the Web.    CLEVER , I thought.

I"m  also on     

I must admit the process was hard at first but this electronic stuff has its advantages.

I can use the computer and everyone can't see that I have not shaven and my outfit is not up to par.
I hope you all use our shopping cart to stay in touch  .   A  gentle ,hug.  
Jesse Gee

I was back at THE BON SOIR 40 west 8th street NYC

In 1961 to 1962 Barbra Streisand would sing at the Bon Soir .
 Later Barry Manilow and Bette Midler would team up and belt out tunes , as did Ethel Merman,  and young, joke telling,  comedian's like Joan Rivers & Phylis Diller .
 I got to New York in 1969 , just  in time to go there when The Bon Soir was a dark , shady, Latino dive with the greatest music I had ever heard.
 Underage tyrannies and regular fights kept the mood filled with suspense and drama.
No it was no listed on the CLUBS TO GO section of the village voice but if you needed a place to go to feel free and dance till 3 a.m. that was where you went.

 I met a co-worker there who by day was a credit manager and night she was SAMANTHA .  We both agreed the office did not have to know where we spent our free time and he is still one of my best friends.  He stopped being Samantha because he's 65 yrs old and he can't spin, on the pole any longer, no matter how low his heels are.

The show was a Bette Midler tribute called "BACK TO THE BATHHOUSE" that will open next week on 42nd street.
But the real show was inside of me as I sat in that room , and felt the vibrations of all the stars and would be stars that you can still feel down there.   The sound system was still fabulous .  Its been renovated and cleaned up , but , It's still small, cozy and filled with dreams.
I wanted to stay in New York , get into the fashion business, find someone to love, and always be a second from a new ideas, a fashion trend  and accomplishments.

Galleria J.Antonio is all of that for me.

1969- to - 2012   I still want to be in the middle of everything that is possible in life .

Friday, June 15, 2012

I am dedicated to MADE IN AMERICA

I had a special request for a local synagogue to make a baby kiddish cup.
I called on a glassblower to come up with his version
I called a beader, plater, from the local stock of east village artist
and I called a copper / brass duo in CT.  and out came three different versions of what it should be like .  Of course , getting them, to get it here on time,  was a stretch ,

 but I love that I help that sort of thing to happen.  Art , heals .

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


My, how things have changed
 When I first started Galleria J Antonio the east village still had pink haired punks .
Memory was something you lost with age
An application was for employment
A program was a T.V. Show  ( I love Smash)
A virus was the flu
a CD was a bank instrument at E.A.B. 50 Ave A
A cursor used profanity   and----
A hard drive was a long trip on the road.

I recently met Robbie Robinson ( google her ) , she and I talked about Pat Cleveland , Beverly Johnson , & Susan Taylor (Essence Magazine) -we both had spicy stories about  them & Studio 54 and and how it was on the fashion cat walk in the 70's  and 80's .

It inspired me to go back to Madison Ave ,where I learned my craft at
GINDI  816 Madison Ave @68th street.
Peggy Mellon , Mrs Charles Revson (Lynn) and Mrs Kissinger ( Nancy) graced the Avenue on occasion and bought from the merchants direct , not on line or through their housekeepers.
The Ave has changed but the beautiful windows still bring a special charm to your eyes.
MALO still has my old store Incorporated into itself and it just felt good to know my scratch on the sidewalk is still there.  Ha -ha .

The one thing that does not change is that women still want to look beautiful and buy things to adorn themselves and their homes that say

: I am an individual, not a corporate  BILLBOARD.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I recently started making silver jewelry that used hot glass ,rather than stones.  WoW!!!!!
 The colors are vivid and new .  The medium alive with possibilities.  Come by and see the new lamp made from 1920"s  billiard balls and stainless steel.

Jesus is in the middle of creating a new line of ceramic sculptures and housewares .  You got to see the clock he gave birth to .
Remember that things might change but my love for all of yous that have been loyal to buying small AMERICAN products will never ever change.

Saturday, May 5, 2012


Move, Think, Rejoice----   Galleria J.Antonio  has been filled with things to do this spring.
I think the longer I am in retail the more enjoyable- the job becomes.
Here is some of the magic moments that happen around here

I had a young man who wanted to buy a Galleria J. Antonio- watch , he googled , my brand right in front of me .
"I probably can get this on cheaper.  If I can ,will you match the price????
.  I just looked at him and smiled " sure , I think you can find this watch on ""
Of course the site exists , but, my watch is only available here-not Goggle"
Perhaps I could make lots more money , but, for now I just love the Internet moves.

April 6th -Jesus and I attended SEDAR dinner at Andrea Rochelle's rooftop on York Ave.  Of the 80 people  who attended- we hit it off with a young couple that had just moved to New York .   He said he grew up in a house of hearing impaired parents and when he got to school he thought everyone was whispering about him.  He later realized that what he thought as normal conversation , was , way to loud for the rest of the world.  He met his wife in law school and they love living in New York . I asked them where they lived and they said at 50 Ave A downtown .  Wait !!! that's across the street for Galleria J Antonio !!!!!  Instant love and high fives followed with I'm sure some good food and talks between us.  

A good friend named Carol who lives in this building came in looking to get me to place ad ad in a talent show program .  When I found out the talent show was going to benefit a food kitchen/shelter I said to her
Yes   I'll take an entire page   The ad will read :                                                                                                        
                                            In 1998 ,after the AIDS related, death of Jose Antonio

                                             I lived 2 months at :St Lazarus's Shelter for men   Seattle , Wash.

                                             In 2012 I will greet you At : GALLERIA J. ANTONIO
                                                                                            47 AVE A NYC

I hope to inspire someone who is down on their luck today but will see that miracles do happen