Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Difference between STYLE and FASHION ?

I am out in New York , everyday.  The fact that a car here is a liability rather than a necessity , keeps us on the pavement.  I see people everyday, that are in their opinion, put together enough to go outside their apartments.  I love to people watch, and wonder where they are going  ??????
Some people have Style , Some have Fashion.  

Style has a sort of presence in a person's complete being .  I have seen people jogging with a bottle of water , but, still have a style ,to their being.  I know people that can put anything on and make it look expensive , or , well placed.   I know people that spend lots on everything they own and they still look mismatched and worn.  I have seen men standing in line with just the right style , no matter what brought them to that line.
I have been on elevators with great classic haircuts ,as well as , colored and rubber banded ponytails.
Style for me is a way of life , not an, object or a trend. 
Fashion for me is in the moment , the wave , or just an expression of that day or outfit, in your life. 

I just wanted to blog today that I live in the best city in the world for style and fashion.  New Yorkers make crossing the street an event .  Our diverse cultures, and shopping make a .99 cent scarf huging a Findi coat acceptable.
Remember what I always say " Enjoy yourself , It's already tommorrow." 

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