Sunday, November 18, 2012


An artist is a person engaged in one or more of any broad spectrum of activities related to creating art , practicing the arts , and , or, demonstrating an art form .

This definition according to Wikipedia sums up what we think an artist is.
A person who creates art
A person who promotes art
A person who creates art as an occupation
A person that is skilled at an artistic activity

Galleria J Antonio- fit's all the above definitions :  The only trouble is ,no, one, entered the financial rewards of being an artist.
*******Amazing Fabulous Broke.********
Sometimes you get paid --sometimes you don't get paid.

If you don't care, and really mean it - your life is happy.
Try, caring that you did not get paid for what your worth!!!!  Oh Boy--- Unhappiness!!!!!!

The reward comes from doing the work , creating what the skill or the - outcome / process by which you live in order to get those rewards.

I have no regrets about my choice to live an uncomplicated life with very little possessions and very little to do with what the world creates as financial rewards.

I know artist that get paid lots$$$$$$$ for their work but the process is the same -its not the money that brings about the REWARD.
Its the regurgitation of the ideas and project inside you that gives you that endorphin buzz.

Sandy and Bernie Madoff both hit all the places where the banks live inside of us.

Loss of property, income, possessions , control, and the fear of LOSS.

I learned from the Aids Holocaust that no matter what you have or own they quickly lose their importance , when you are faced with your death.
No one can take what you know, can do , or your ability to reinvent yourself.

Sandy came and left and Galleria J Antonio will survive because