Thursday, August 13, 2015

43 AVE A

I hope to be working again ,  100% ,    by September 2015

14 months of trying to get this done has taken its toll on me, but, its over and Ive landed on my feet , not my head.

I think !!!!

 Im in the PITT -----called 43 ave A

Yes , the pitt  - let me explain
A man fell into a pitt and couldn't get out .
A subjective person came along and said "I feel sorry for you down there"
An objective person walked by and said "It s logical that someone would fall into that pitt"
A Catholic priest walked by and said"Only, bad people fall into pits; you deserve your pitt"
A Christian Scientist said " The pitt is your Mind"
A Therapist walked by and said " Your mother and father are to blame for you being in that pitt
Believe in yourself and you can get out"
An optimist said " Things could be worse!! " That pitt could be in Texas.
A pessimist declared  " Things will get worse and sure enough they did -
A new york city landlord walked by and calculated- how much  rent per square foot-for the pitt -

 a       RENT BILL -**************:)

with a notice to vacate if he did not pay for his pitt .

My point is that so many people saw my move into this space as they perceived their own world and values.
Its very simple - THIS PITT will allow me to keep my job
Work less hours and work in a neighborhood that is losing all its small business culture.

See ya @  THE PITT   43 Ave A  Nyc 10009