Saturday, July 7, 2018

Its 2018 and things seem to be a bit confusing when it comes to gift buying . 

 I am so glad that my inventory is a collection of beautiful crystals, silver, gold filled and inexpensive watches .....Hot glass, stained glass and fused glass .... It's a great assortment of hand made and vintage items that do not include                   14 k -GOLD or high end products.    

The art and creativity at Galleria J Antonio ---  stand out in a city filled with imports and commercial goods . 

I still love repairing the treasures that are in people's life and of course getting A  watch to work is always a good feeling ... even in this day of cell phones ...

 your watch is like an old friend that you always enjoy being with .  

The HAMSA above is hand set crystals on brass with the eye's that looks out for your home and loved ones.  

My new hours are 12 noon to 8pm    See ya soon        Jesse

Thursday, February 8, 2018

señora ADELA passed away but lives on my heart

In 1970 I would come  down from the upper west side  and would eat  at ADELA's ......

Sure things are changing all over new york at an  exagerated pace ..... we have accepted that New York is changing but the Lower East Side and yours truly
will miss seeing Señora Adela  at her Ave C Restaurant that bears her name and good ole fashion- authentic- Puerto Rican  cuisine.

The Restaurant lives on -so if your in the hood -stop in and treat yourself to some
real ---------comida de casa....

  I made this small homage in our window so that our neighbor's could snap a shot of my photo .

 The back of the photo bears her signature and love ...

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Working with RCDNYC.COM on a  photo project was great fun and perhaps another reason I love what I do ::::  Galleria J Antonio's  Gold, Lamay ,vintage bag ,with antique computer   keyboard  gave the photo a real statement ......

Ill keep you posted if its used

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Hot Glass still makes me weep with JOY

I got a few sets of these candlesticks set as an alternative to the traditional Shabbat set we find in stores and on the net .... They intertwine with each other , to represent community , traditions , and a life partner.

I hope they are received by my easy village customers .... I think they are just beautiful .
Each set is one of a kind , and , the artist will do them in a color of choice

Sunday, June 26, 2016


Ive been marching and dreaming since the 60's for many of the accomplishments that have come to fruition for my community. 
It's proof to my heart that keeping faith in the good , can bring about positive change. 

The endless hours of volunteering , marching , dreaming , and hoping for change. 
Trying to show the world around me that I am worthy of respect and their faith . 
Losing all my immediate family , friends, and possession's taught me to keep going to the light . 

" I know Jesse and he is not the stereotype gay or latino we hear about. "

Im going over to the parade today with pride, hope, and joy .....

Im tired of the struggle and yet Orlando reminds me that , its just begun....

I'm tired of the violence , and understand , I still have to be careful.

I'm tired of the intolerant , but , know there is nothing I can do to change anyone, 

For all those who know that I live a good , peaceful , artistic  life in New York City, I say thank you for your admiration, support and love.....

Today , I march  with love for all my fellow gay LATINO brothers and sisters who need to know they are children of God , no matter what extreamism teaches . 

I send out love and light to everyone and dedicate my day to my sister Tina (who passed away )  , who would always celebrate June on her day of birth ,  and on Gay Pride Day 

Con amor y respecto 

Saturday, March 19, 2016


IT'S ABOUT TIME ............

and  all ...................the -----stuff that comes with keeping 
our life in order . 

My day is filled with, watch repair, watch bands , and just 
watching people in new york . 

I love my handmade ,clocks and watching them get adopted by people all over the world .  
 I sold one to a tourist from France today. 
I told her my clock speaks ,fluent, french , and will keep her on time . but her payment has to be in dollars.

Silly me , a clock tells time --here, there , or anywhere. 

Friday, March 4, 2016




I respect their religious rights .

So , instead , of trying to critize or berate anyone 

Charlie , Susan and I designed the greatest collection of WEDDING BANDS . 

The first samples are in stainless steel and brass. 

But if your in love , or lost your ring, or just want a great friendship ring 

I can make these up in white or yellow, GOLD __ in a skinny ,credit card ,gay , moment. 

Diamond Dust looks amazing ----   Wedding Band heaven .......