Saturday, December 29, 2018

I have been  doing some Estate Sales.   Vintage is so special

I get a chance to place back out.    Into the jewelry universe              some wonderful items

Only the baby boomers remember Sarah Coventry Jewelry.

in the 1960,s daytime television show’s like.:
Queen for a day    To Tell the Truth  etc etc
Always gave away.  

Sarah Coventry Jewlery   Spigel catalogues.  Tappan range etc etc.  To all the contestants

Timeless jewelry in gold filled and aluminum.    How’s that for timeless beauty. For $80.00

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

These are tiles that are in the subway.   I stood there in awe . because this  eye  looks like the one that is now watching all of us .  The Internet........

Judging us.   Making assumptions about us.
......  Preying into our data   .......
Making dangerous decisions about our hard work.....
Or our educational path.      or .....
 make assumptions of how we love our fellow human beings
And not knowing
What miracle s were created to ....Evolve as the people ......that ............we have become.

I’m writing this blog at the pleasure of The Internet.

****   I have no idea who will see this and who they are behind the eye that they see me. Or
my work. *********Or themselves.

as I watch people on their phones and use Goggle to gather information ......Endlessly

It’s obvious.  it’s a new time for The Eye  ********  electronic or human

caution to all of you.  **********  don’t trust the internet with your soul

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Its 2018 and things seem to be a bit confusing when it comes to gift buying . 

 I am so glad that my inventory is a collection of beautiful crystals, silver, gold filled and inexpensive watches .....Hot glass, stained glass and fused glass .... It's a great assortment of hand made and vintage items that do not include                   14 k -GOLD or high end products.    

The art and creativity at Galleria J Antonio ---  stand out in a city filled with imports and commercial goods . 

I still love repairing the treasures that are in people's life and of course getting A  watch to work is always a good feeling ... even in this day of cell phones ...

 your watch is like an old friend that you always enjoy being with .  

The HAMSA above is hand set crystals on brass with the eye's that looks out for your home and loved ones.  

My new hours are 12 noon to 8pm    See ya soon        Jesse

Thursday, February 8, 2018

señora ADELA passed away but lives on my heart

In 1970 I would come  down from the upper west side  and would eat  at ADELA's ......

Sure things are changing all over new york at an  exagerated pace ..... we have accepted that New York is changing but the Lower East Side and yours truly
will miss seeing Señora Adela  at her Ave C Restaurant that bears her name and good ole fashion- authentic- Puerto Rican  cuisine.

The Restaurant lives on -so if your in the hood -stop in and treat yourself to some
real ---------comida de casa....

  I made this small homage in our window so that our neighbor's could snap a shot of my photo .

 The back of the photo bears her signature and love ...

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Working with RCDNYC.COM on a  photo project was great fun and perhaps another reason I love what I do ::::  Galleria J Antonio's  Gold, Lamay ,vintage bag ,with antique computer   keyboard  gave the photo a real statement ......

Ill keep you posted if its used