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I just wanted to take a minute to send my love to all the clients and neighbor's that have reached out to me . I opened in 1975 at 816 Madison Ave , then to 39 Christopher street , then to 47 ave A , and now to the little store at 43 Ave A  .. I have been through the death's  of my entire immediate family , the loss of Jose Antonio to aids after 20 years of making fashion in new york in 1998 I ended up  Homeless in Seattle , then opening up my own store again at 711 Third Ave , Seattle Wa 1990 , and back to New York's east village in 1997 , Sept 11th , Hurricane Sandy , Superstorm Irene, and insurmountable obstacle's to keep a small mom and pop shop open in New York ....I have buried hundred's of friends and fellow artist , and 3 uncles to covid.  
But this Covid -19 pandemic , has been the hardest thing I have ever faced.   I'm watching my neighbors close up their restaurants, and small shop's on Ave A .....Clients lose their jobs and apartments.  wh…

I've worked in the accessories business since 1974-let's see how many of these names you remember ??? I knew or worked for the following :

Diane Vreeland - Ann Flanders Details Magazine - Patrick Kelly - Issia -Stephen Burrows - Bobby Breslow - Dee Dee Dominick -Stephen Deweck - Alex Bittar -Bellardo's Christopher Street -Richard Utilla & The Pot Belly Restaurant -Marsha P Johnson - Sylvia Rivera - Perry Ellis - Eillen Aubi- Ruth Ellen Levy -Patrcia Von Muslin -Erick Beamon- Karen - Alberta Wright of Jezabel columbus ave -Jordache Jeans - Gloria Vanderbilt jeans - Sassoon salon-57th st. -  Black Hair Is - Richard Avedon-Grace Mirabella - Carmen D Alessio Steve Rubell - Ian Schrager - Marvella Tannenbaum - Norma Kamali - Gindi -Bob GINDI - Joey Elway - Studio 54's Marc Benecke - Susan Mallard - Ylang Ylang - Chiavari West 72nd st - Off Broadway's Lynn Dell Cohen - Adriane Landau furs- Robert Lee Morris ARTWEAR -Cara Croninger - Lunch at the Ritz - Susanne Bartsch - Gregg Wolf - Larry LeGaspi -Larry Levan @ The garage - Wendy Gell - Lawrence Verba - Richard Serbin - Pay me Amy -Yvette Fry Bonwilliam -Boy Lo…
So much fun to have these  lightweight , kitty kats twirling around your neck .... I enjoy the fact that jewelry does not have to be a Christian Dior or a Bulgari .   
It makes you smile and thats my goal .... Jesse

Your jewelry , has history .

 Reuniting people with their possessions.  Is always a good thing.
I hear:——-

I got this for graduation, can you make it fit again?

My parents gave me this from my grandparents . Can we redesign this ?

My first husband gave me this - thank god he's gone , but I kept this necklace. !

Ive gained a few pounds and need this ring to be resized .?

I got this on line and it's too long -can it be restrung ?

I was home last week and My Mom said "take this , Ill never wear it again." I need to rewire the clasp.

My watch fogs up !!

Can we take links out of this watch band   -It's way to big!!!!!!

I have 10 dead watches in my drawer at home ..I understand there is no charge for you to see if they work

I cracked the glass ( crystal) on this watch , can it be replaced ?

 I make bread at home -I am missing a stone in this ring , can we replace it ?

 Im a widow ...Can you turn my wedding band ,into a necklace ?

My roommate left, owing a ton of rent …