Sunday, June 21, 2020

So much fun to have these  lightweight , kitty kats twirling around your neck .... I enjoy the fact that jewelry does not have to be a Christian Dior or a Bulgari .   

It makes you smile and thats my goal .... Jesse

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Your jewelry , has history .

 Reuniting people with their possessions.  Is always a good thing.
I hear:——-

I got this for graduation, can you make it fit again?

My parents gave me this from my grandparents . Can we redesign this ?

My first husband gave me this - thank god he's gone , but I kept this necklace. !

Ive gained a few pounds and need this ring to be resized .?

I got this on line and it's too long -can it be restrung ?

I was home last week and My Mom said "take this , Ill never wear it again." I need to rewire the clasp.

My watch fogs up !!

Can we take links out of this watch band   -It's way to big!!!!!!

I have 10 dead watches in my drawer at home ..I understand there is no charge for you to see if they work

I cracked the glass ( crystal) on this watch , can it be replaced ?

 I make bread at home -I am missing a stone in this ring , can we replace it ?

 Im a widow ...Can you turn my wedding band ,into a necklace ?

My roommate left, owing a ton of rent and gave me this watch , can it be fixed? She's unfixable.!!

I tell people all the time , we can fix your jewelry and watches , BUT NOT YOUR LIFE.  ha ha