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Wedding gifts are always a problem for some people. In 30 yrs of Galleria'sexistence ,I, have, heard it all but I'm sure there is room for more.
He's Jewish- she is not
She's Jewish- he is not
I want to give them something they can both use.
I do not know what their new place looks like . I don't want to carry anything on the plane -train-or subway . They have everything -already.
The registry is boring-too expensive$$$ - or, from a place I do not like
Do Same Sex couples get the same kinda stuff I get my hetro friends?
She's my best friend and I hate him.
Is it tacky to share a gift with someone else?
I'm unemployed but don't want my gift to express that.
Can they return it without knowing how much I spent?
How long do they have to return this gift ? and do they need the receipt?
Can I pay 1/2 in cash and 1/2 by credit card so my spouse does not know how much I'm really spending????
I wish people who have come here for my wedding gift ,rather, than some on-l…


I was at Pride Shabbat-@Congregation BeitSimchat Torah on 28th street to hear Cynthia Nixon give a message of love and accomplishment to all the organizations that stopped fighting long enough to pull together and help Gov. Cuomo get MARRIAGE EQUALITY passed.I was so moved that I found myself crying, singing, and then crying some more. I got home just in time to hear the words " The billed has passed"
Jesus and I ran over to the west village and were met by 300 dancing and cheering straight and gay people. Standing in front of STONEWALL where it all began was where I wanted to be.
While I hugged Jesus tightly I noticed--- 39 Christopher street . That was where the first J.Antonio was for 10 yrs. As a, very, tall, young, man handed us a flower each, the memories of all the years (1979-1989) flew by me. The opening of THE MONSTER-Shasha, Marsha the STREET DRAG, Rollerrina, Greetings- the card shop, New York Leather, The Pink Tea Cup, etc etc.
Jose Antonio & I (20yrs toget…

MADE IN U.S.A. ????????????

I continue to sell, showcase, and encourage American Crafter to show work to my friends and customers @ Galleria J. Antonio- Does it sell? Will it fit ? Will someone steal my idea?
What's important is to regurgitate the idea and project. Put it out there and don't worry about the results. Move through it and onto the next creation of your creativity
This 4Th of July 2011--I had tourist that were glad to obtain an American made product. Or a product designed by an American Artist and mass produced to meet the Wal-Mart mentality of clients.
I say that with an idea of affordability- rather than sarcasm . It is a tough economy and clients want to be able to afford items , rather , than overreach their budgets.
I enjoy knowing that this week-end visitor's from- Germany, Thailand, and Australia bought Sandy Baker earrings N.Y.C. , Donald M. (Boston) Stained glass mini-mirrors - and a Galleria J.Antonio WATCH . NYC
The made in U.S.A. products are always going to be up against a…