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TIME IS GOLD functional art by J. Guevara L.E.S.

Words by Jesse Gee Photographs by Ken Francis

Time is the most valuable thing you own. I say this to people and they all agree and shake their heads
Yes it is -everyone agrees 100%       ,     but         ,        what do you do with that time?????
Then I get a blank look.

The TIME IS GOLD clock series speaks to that very issue. There is no refund on time . It's what you cannot recover as the day goes  , the hour, or the minute or the seconds.
Its to be treated with care and respect and you must remember that TIME- cannot be given to people or projects that do not appreciate it.

The clocks are functional art ------$350.00.   15" X 21"
a real clock (AA) sits in a hand built wooden case and is plush with colors (acrylic) that vibrate with the blurr of seconds and of minutes that represents the fleeting thing we call " our life."
Guevara's strokes make you feel the speed in which life can be one way one day and one way the next.

I had a lady stand in front of one …

Jesse Gee Talks Stewart Unger, Master Watch Collector

Words by Jesse Gee, curator
Photographs by Ken Francis

I first met Stewart Unger in 1974 or 75. When we work at things for a long time Life becomes a blurrrrrr.

I was the manager of Gindi 816 Madison Ave @ 68th street. I was the President of the Madison Ave Block Association Merchants and a Maditude (Maidison Ave -retail attitude) person. Ha-ha

Stewart was at a metting wearing a vintage watch that I admired and the next day he showed up with a box of rebuilt American vintage watches (Hamilton-Bulova_Waltham-Ect). Bob Gindi had three stores and all three featured the top accessories designers of the 1970's. Bob was a brillant merchadiser but never paid his bills so that combo made for an interesting week.

Stewart and I made an arraingment so that he could get paid as the watches sold and the rest is history. He was a great vendor and his smooth low key manner got us through a very stressful Gindi experience. I used to call it Bobbyitis.

Years later in the 1980s I ran in S…

Greetings from Jesse Gee (Curator)

Words by Jesse Gee, Curator Photographs by Ken Francis

Its a beautiful day in New York and the sun is playing on all the shinny things in the Gallery.  It makes me feel good that this is what I have chosen as a livelihood. 
Galleria J.Antonio is a financial conduit between American craft makers and the general public. 
To see someone's idea, hard work, and training, turned into a product ---- fall into a box and then shopping bag, to be gifted or worn ----- still makes me feel good all over after being in the industry for forty plus years. 
I want to use this blog to introduce the Internet audience to the people that make Galleria J Antonio such a great place to be. 
Yesterday I got a box from CASA DE LA SERNA  Seattle ,Wa.    The fun part of this job is that its like Xmas every time you undo another box and dig inside its contents, it's yet another Xmas experience.
Casade la Serna is a new source that we tried out last year.  Seattle has only two types of consumers.  One group that …