Sunday, May 31, 2009

TIME IS GOLD functional art by J. Guevara L.E.S.

Words by Jesse Gee
Photographs by Ken Francis

Time is the most valuable thing you own. I say this to people and they all agree and shake their heads
Yes it is -everyone agrees 100%       ,     but         ,        what do you do with that time?????
Then I get a blank look.


The TIME IS GOLD clock series speaks to that very issue. There is no refund on time . It's what you cannot recover as the day goes  , the hour, or the minute or the seconds.
Its to be treated with care and respect and you must remember that TIME- cannot be given to people or projects that do not appreciate it.


The clocks are functional art ------$350.00.   15" X 21"
a real clock (AA) sits in a hand built wooden case and is plush with colors (acrylic) that vibrate with the blurr of seconds and of minutes that represents the fleeting thing we call " our life."
Guevara's strokes make you feel the speed in which life can be one way one day and one way the next.

I had a lady stand in front of one of the clocks ,and say to me. "That's why I am so angry. Its not that my boyfriend dumped me -Its the time (3 years ) he took from me. "It's that time you were talking about that makes me angry."
I told her to love herself and move through that anger . I then smiled and said "That will be $75.00 for the session " It made her laugh and come back from the deep moment she had experienced in front of a total stranger.

To Much information. !!!!!!

I have sent a letter to : White House Curator William Allman in Washington D.C.
Mr. Guevara has made one called "Time for Change" That he are donating to the "Committee for the Preservation of the White House".

Guevara was born in Venezuela and despite being over 50yrs old , having an established career, moved his life to New York to seek the changes he needed in his life .  He knew that "Time was Gold" so he packed his bags six years ago and ended up as permanent resident of the United States, living and working in the Lower East Side of New York . 

-Jesse Gee


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