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Why do some necklaces sell faster than others?????

Words by Jesse Gee Photographs by Ken Francis

I'm always asked my crafts men and women why I think some of their work sits in the store for a long time and others fly out before you can say "handmade."

First of all I always tell them that each piece has it's owner and is just waiting for them to come by and take them home.

Also, materials and composition plays a big part.

I enjoy gold-filled rather than vermeil parts and clasps. So does, our in-house designer Jesus Guevera .

He found that his pieces take on a richer look and can be combined with 14k and 18k jewelry . Also the length of a necklace can make it more attractive. I find that all my petite and short customers love 16" to 17" lengths. They always say " It's so nice to find a piece of jewelry that fits me properly as soon as I put it on. As, do my tall women who need the opera length of 30", to feel comfortable.

I found this new stone called Lodolite for this beautiful multi strand neckla…