Sunday, September 30, 2012


I have a love affair with TIME-
and how TIME is used by a population.

I just got these new brightly colored watches that bring a smile to every one's face.

I have customers that say " I no longer use a watch , my cell phone is accurate"

Then, they buy a watch from me because, they understand that today a watch, is an accessory that tells people about you.

I must admit that my passion for time pieces will always drive me to have , repair, and showcase watches
 ----even though
---the Internet has taken profit, availability, and the fun out of that market.

So many of my customers are grateful  that I, SERVICE , sell , and care about that department.

Here are the Jeri Hall watches that she put on hold 34 yrs ago and never came back for on 57th street.
That's another delicious story.
If you have a watch and do not know how it works I will walk you through it.  My pleasure