Sunday, October 13, 2013


I can really remember a time in my life when I use to watch Marlo Thomas on THAT GIRL and dream what it would be like to have a life -like the one she had in her small ,N.Y. apartment..
All the funnie things that happened to her in New York , her apartment , with Donald and on her trips back to Brewster New York

That show made me dream that one day I could leave Detroit and have my own New York experience.  Of course in those days I had a girlfriend named Charlotte Swieczkowski and had no gay ,awareness that I toooooooooooo wanted my own dreamy -Donald. !!!!!!!

It's 2013 and Marlo is still working hard to make people live their dreams .  She is still working hard for the kids at St Jude's Hospital and is still a force in the theather and film.

Jesus said:
" Marlo , I use to see you Dubed in Spanish and your show was call  " Esta Chica "
 she loved that someone from another continent knew her work.

Jesus and I are both a very proud to represent small American artist at Galleria J Antonio .
 Our life is filled with love, self esteem and hard work but my dream of being THAT GIRL came true  .   I got that New York apartment in 1969,  I live in a daily retail soap opera and Jesus is my Donald.

Thanks Marlo Thomas for the love you have sent out to the universe.

Thursday, July 25, 2013


Over the last 30 years I have had the pleasure of selling things to lots of celebrities .
  Lucille Ball ,  Cher , and 

KEN RUSSELL- were some of my favorites.   Ect ect........

Ken loved OVER SIZED faux jewels.  The bigger , the better.!!!!!!
    The day he was here at
 Galleria J Antonio he was sitting in our big window and we placed what he called THE MAHARAJAH necklace around his neck.   He had a twinkle in his eye that beamed with joy when he put something on that sparkled.  A man walked in and said " I don't want to bother you Mr. Russell but I went into film, because of your work " Of course Ken just smiled and kept looking at the Hugh crystal at the BOTTOM of endless chains and looked over to this man ,   with approval.

 I was informed by my dear friend -Lisi Tribble(-Mrs Ken Russell)- NYC- that he was laid to rest ( cremated )- in ENGLAND- with a
 Galleria J Antonio necklace that was one of his favorites.  It was over 800 carts of rock crystal.

I'm sure Liberace asked him to wear it as soon as he got to ARTIST HEAVEN.

 Ken Russell , I m sure is wearing that piece- somewhere in that big universe where all our loved ones go. 

In this photo Ken is wearing our clamp on bracelet with a Hugh plexi-glass  top.  Its encrusted with crystals on both sides and do you see how happy he looks in GLITZ. 

Thank you for being in or life and loving GLITZ at Galleria J Antonio. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I 'm in the middle of a new collection here at GALLERIA J ANTONIO  .
I get a wave of nostalga as I bring out my new collection  of Walrus Tusk Jewelry to the floor.

I remember the days on Madison Ave when all the jewelers sold the big - Ivory cuffs from RAJA INC .

Of course fashion and animal murder were merged and I was one of the first to stop selling Ivory at
816 Madison Ave and switched to Cow Bone, Walrus Tusk , and Boars Tusk --as well as plastics that had the look of Ivory .
 Diane Vreeland lived in her Ivory cuffs . The bigger the better .
  In the 70's ,Vogue had spread after spread every summer with Ivory Accessories , dripping next to Linen outfits.

I ran into Diana Vreeland upstairs near the Mike Todd room one summer night at Studio 54 .  I went over to her and knew her entourage would stop me so  I yelled out " Mrs Vreeland  !!!!  I am Jesse , I worked for Bob Gindi for years !!!    Bob's name got her to  stop and I had that majic moment to get her attention.  I followed, by saying
 "  I no longer work for BoB Gindi   .  I opened my own accessory shop J. Antonio- 39 Christopher Street Greenwich Village.  I would like to invite you to see my work .  "

 As I handed her my card she looked me stright in the eye and said "  The stu -dant (french accent)  learns from his master , and then he thinks he knows more than the master.  Is this the case ?   I quickly answered "  The studant learned , and surpassed the master because I also learned from his mistakes
 I took the best of GINDI  and made it better "

I waited years for her to show up or at least pass by my window, but , I never saw her again .

Oh well !!!!!
I want to belive that ,Diana Vreeland & Arthur Cook (Bergdorf Goodman Exective) and who lived accross the street, stood in my window and liked what they saw.

It's 2013 and I still hope clients stop by my window, and like, what they see
 and on occasion

Mrs Vreeland your taste and energy are missed in the world of accessiories.
You inspired me then , now and forever.

Thursday, April 11, 2013


I have been doing lay-a way for my -40 years of retail .

All my stores have always used this path to ownership.

I was born on Lay a Way !!!!!!!!

My mother told me the story about finding out she was going to have me and my father never had a steady job .  The doctor said "  Don't worry little mother , you are going to be a -----------------------mother again ,  and you can pay us later, and in payments.  " 

Thus , I was born    ON LAY-A-WAY.  !!!!!!!!

Also , I get to see people more than once and as they pay down their purchase I see them get excited, all over again. 

Call it crazy , but, I love LAY A WAY