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I can really remember a time in my life when I use to watch Marlo Thomas on THAT GIRL and dream what it would be like to have a life -like the one she had in her small ,N.Y. apartment..
All the funnie things that happened to her in New York , her apartment , with Donald and on her trips back to Brewster New York

That show made me dream that one day I could leave Detroit and have my own New York experience.  Of course in those days I had a girlfriend named Charlotte Swieczkowski and had no gay ,awareness that I toooooooooooo wanted my own dreamy -Donald. !!!!!!!

It's 2013 and Marlo is still working hard to make people live their dreams .  She is still working hard for the kids at St Jude's Hospital and is still a force in the theather and film.

Jesus said:
" Marlo , I use to see you Dubed in Spanish and your show was call  " Esta Chica "
 she loved that someone from another continent knew her work.

Jesus and I are both a very proud to represent small American a…


Over the last 30 years I have had the pleasure of selling things to lots of celebrities .
  Lucille Ball ,  Cher , and 
KEN RUSSELL- were some of my favorites.   Ect ect........

Ken loved OVER SIZED faux jewels.  The bigger , the better.!!!!!!     The day he was here at  Galleria J Antonio he was sitting in our big window and we placed what he called THE MAHARAJAH necklace around his neck.   He had a twinkle in his eye that beamed with joy when he put something on that sparkled.  A man walked in and said " I don't want to bother you Mr. Russell but I went into film, because of your work " Of course Ken just smiled and kept looking at the Hugh crystal at the BOTTOM of endless chains and looked over to this man ,   with approval.
 I was informed by my dear friend -Lisi Tribble(-Mrs Ken Russell)- NYC- that he was laid to rest ( cremated )- in ENGLAND- with a  Galleria J Antonio necklace that was one of his favorites.  It was over 800 carts of rock crystal.

I'm sure Libe…


I 'm in the middle of a new collection here at GALLERIA J ANTONIO  .
I get a wave of nostalga as I bring out my new collection  of Walrus Tusk Jewelry to the floor.

I remember the days on Madison Ave when all the jewelers sold the big - Ivory cuffs from RAJA INC .

Of course fashion and animal murder were merged and I was one of the first to stop selling Ivory at
816 Madison Ave and switched to Cow Bone, Walrus Tusk , and Boars Tusk --as well as plastics that had the look of Ivory .
 Diane Vreeland lived in her Ivory cuffs . The bigger the better .
  In the 70's ,Vogue had spread after spread every summer with Ivory Accessories , dripping next to Linen outfits.

I ran into Diana Vreeland upstairs near the Mike Todd room one summer night at Studio 54 .  I went over to her and knew her entourage would stop me so  I yelled out " Mrs Vreeland  !!!!  I am Jesse , I worked for Bob Gindi for years !!!    Bob's name got her to  stop and I had that majic moment to get her attent…


I have been doing lay-a way for my -40 years of retail .

All my stores have always used this path to ownership.

I was born on Lay a Way !!!!!!!!
My mother told me the story about finding out she was going to have me and my father never had a steady job .  The doctor said "  Don't worry little mother , you are going to be a -----------------------mother again ,  and you can pay us later, and in payments.  " 
Thus , I was born    ON LAY-A-WAY.  !!!!!!!!

Also , I get to see people more than once and as they pay down their purchase I see them get excited, all over again. 
Call it crazy , but, I love LAY A WAY