Tuesday, May 15, 2012


My, how things have changed
 When I first started Galleria J Antonio the east village still had pink haired punks .
Memory was something you lost with age
An application was for employment
A program was a T.V. Show  ( I love Smash)
A virus was the flu
a CD was a bank instrument at E.A.B. 50 Ave A
A cursor used profanity   and----
A hard drive was a long trip on the road.

I recently met Robbie Robinson ( google her ) , she and I talked about Pat Cleveland , Beverly Johnson , & Susan Taylor (Essence Magazine) -we both had spicy stories about  them & Studio 54 and and how it was on the fashion cat walk in the 70's  and 80's .

It inspired me to go back to Madison Ave ,where I learned my craft at
GINDI  816 Madison Ave @68th street.
Peggy Mellon , Mrs Charles Revson (Lynn) and Mrs Kissinger ( Nancy) graced the Avenue on occasion and bought from the merchants direct , not on line or through their housekeepers.
The Ave has changed but the beautiful windows still bring a special charm to your eyes.
MALO still has my old store Incorporated into itself and it just felt good to know my scratch on the sidewalk is still there.  Ha -ha .

The one thing that does not change is that women still want to look beautiful and buy things to adorn themselves and their homes that say

: I am an individual, not a corporate  BILLBOARD.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I recently started making silver jewelry that used hot glass ,rather than stones.  WoW!!!!!
 The colors are vivid and new .  The medium alive with possibilities.  Come by and see the new lamp made from 1920"s  billiard balls and stainless steel.

Jesus is in the middle of creating a new line of ceramic sculptures and housewares .  You got to see the clock he gave birth to .
Remember that things might change but my love for all of yous that have been loyal to buying small AMERICAN products will never ever change.

Saturday, May 5, 2012


Move, Think, Rejoice----   Galleria J.Antonio  has been filled with things to do this spring.
I think the longer I am in retail the more enjoyable- the job becomes.
Here is some of the magic moments that happen around here

I had a young man who wanted to buy a Galleria J. Antonio- watch , he googled , my brand right in front of me .
"I probably can get this on Amazon.com cheaper.  If I can ,will you match the price????
.  I just looked at him and smiled " sure , I think you can find this watch on " Chutzpa.com"
Of course the site exists , but, my watch is only available here-not Goggle"
Perhaps I could make lots more money , but, for now I just love the Internet moves.

April 6th -Jesus and I attended SEDAR dinner at Andrea Rochelle's rooftop on York Ave.  Of the 80 people  who attended- we hit it off with a young couple that had just moved to New York .   He said he grew up in a house of hearing impaired parents and when he got to school he thought everyone was whispering about him.  He later realized that what he thought as normal conversation , was , way to loud for the rest of the world.  He met his wife in law school and they love living in New York . I asked them where they lived and they said at 50 Ave A downtown .  Wait !!! that's across the street for Galleria J Antonio !!!!!  Instant love and high fives followed with I'm sure some good food and talks between us.  

A good friend named Carol who lives in this building came in looking to get me to place ad ad in a talent show program .  When I found out the talent show was going to benefit a food kitchen/shelter I said to her
Yes   I'll take an entire page   The ad will read :                                                                                                        
                                            In 1998 ,after the AIDS related, death of Jose Antonio

                                             I lived 2 months at :St Lazarus's Shelter for men   Seattle , Wash.

                                             In 2012 I will greet you At : GALLERIA J. ANTONIO
                                                                                            47 AVE A NYC

I hope to inspire someone who is down on their luck today but will see that miracles do happen