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new yorks east village fall 2009

A big hello from New York's Lower east side.
Fall 2009 is filled with fresh ideas and combinations to outlive what the banks and real estate industry have landed on us.
I sit here with a gallery full of crofters that are running to other states, adjusting their balance sheets, cutting corners and are creating ----new corners.
Artist need to work and regurgitate their ideas . Money has nothing to do with what we do or who we are.
I am so proud of the people I represent.
I am going to share some of the advice I gave to all of them this fall .

#1 Look at what you do right ,then, keep doing that.
#2 Don't worry about someone or corporation taking your idea. Photo and mail documentation is the poor mans copyright.
You will come up with more ideas.
#3 Business is driven by cash , not love , so price one thing for cash and the other for love.
#4 Art, has nothing to do with cash -so- do it for the sake of the work - not for the cash.
#5 Take pride in your product-return…