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Ive been marching and dreaming since the 60's for many of the accomplishments that have come to fruition for my community.  It's proof to my heart that keeping faith in the good , can bring about positive change. 
The endless hours of volunteering , marching , dreaming , and hoping for change.  Trying to show the world around me that I am worthy of respect and their faith .  Losing all my immediate family , friends, and possession's taught me to keep going to the light . 
" I know Jesse and he is not the stereotype gay or latino we hear about. "
Im going over to the parade today with pride, hope, and joy .....
Im tired of the struggle and yet Orlando reminds me that , its just begun....
I'm tired of the violence , and understand , I still have to be careful.
I'm tired of the intolerant , but , know there is nothing I can do to change anyone, 
For all those who know that I live a good , peaceful , artistic  life in New York City, I say thank you for your …