Thursday, June 26, 2014


I put this picture in my window this week with 2 rainbow flags and it has been the subject of lots of cell phone photos - and emails.   I wanted to blog and share it with the Internet cause It has been a ton of fun .
I love to watch people try and figure out the meaning of her majesty 's photo in the middle of the rainbow flags. ???????????

In our community when we call each other a queen , a quick response is :

I am a princess , not a queen , my mother is still alive.

Well, my mom, sister, and grandmother are all dead sooooooooo
I want to be adopted by her majesty -and --I'm playing like a child that
Queen Elizabeth is the Queen Mother and I am the Queen Sistah !!!!!

Its gay pride 2014 and I have a sense of gratitude to all people in this country that have understood how important it has been to stand up to radicals/ religious leaders- that preach hate.

As recently as 2013 Jesus , Joe Serna , Paula Barrett and myself were denied our rooms at a Tuscon Arizona hotel( 98.00 a night )  because it went against the moral values of the hotel owner.

Our confirmation number was denied and we were asked to leave to another hotel near the airport that looked like the benches in Tompkin Square Park .

Of course !!!!!!

God invented American Express and the travel desk booked us into a $350.00 a night room  at a Hilton.  I felt like Tina Turner at the front desk-  We were tired, scared , and confused as how they could get away with that,
I leaned over to the desk clerk and said " I will pay you if you let us sleep here -regardless
of the cost. "

The law that allowed that kind of behavior has been struck down by Jan Brewer under pressure of the business community that felt it would hurt Arizona financially in 2014--  You THINK??????
I just wanted to attend the Gem Show and get back to Ave A  ....... New York L.E.S. !!! A.S.A.P.

but, back to my gratitude to the people all over the united states that are making so many of us feel that some day , all of us , could be


under the law.

The Queen Sistah - desires it,    in her life time.

Love you all

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


New York City---------

 is a special place to live because any moment you can become a part of something even bigger than you are.
  Last week I was informed that some trailers would be parked on Ave A -all day in front
 of the Gallery.   I can't afford a car so this parking memo did not mean anything to me.

I looked out my big windows ---around 4pm and------- wham  .
  Look who was sitiing outside in his robe???

He waved , he was pleasant , while he talked to some people outside who wanted to take selfies with him .  Forgetting that he put in a full day on the streets of the east village -somewhere?
Thanks Donny.  I guess we are on first name basis now .  Ha-ha

I love my life in the east village

  I must watch  " BLUE BLOODS"  EVERYONE LOVES THAT SHOW............

Saturday, February 1, 2014


Our neighborhood is on fast forward.
New York has always been the city of

"USE TO BE"  !!!!!!!!

This use to be a restaurant , I loved
This was where I use to live and now its an office bldg.
This is where the first store I ever bought my first something was, now, it's a parking lot.

ect ect ect

IF YOU CALL IT ---- The Lower East Side / Alphabet City / East Village, or LES  its on fast forward.    It's changin so fast I can't keep up with it.
 I thought I saw a seven eleven the other day.  I got off the bus , and bam, it was on Ave A and 12th street.
 It felt very New Jersey  , no offense to Jersey.
I have great Jersey customers but I always get those slurpies in New Jersey, not ave A

Egg creams and Katz's Delicatessen,  , are part of this neighborhood.

I don't know how this happened but,

Galleria J Antonio
47 ave A between east 3rd and east 4th street

is the last place you can actually walk in and get JUDAICA-in person, down here.
My last client said  "JESSE-you have Judaica with    SOUL , and  -PANASH.  "


I rescued some stuff from the 3rd floor attic of Ben Ari     11 AVE A          -before the wrecking ball came in .

I cleaned, rewired, and brought out to daylight some things that make our department gleam.

It's a must see.  or a must shop.

See ya soon.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I'm on my way--------------------------------- back to Seattle Washington - March 2014

 See ya at THE PIKE MARKET !!!!!

Joe Serna -Larry Hart and Jesse Gee are being reunited for yet another retail event.

I am so grateful to have made so many friends in the 7 years I lived in Seattle.
I hope to see everyone come through the shop.

Joe Serna and I are having a big SALE   !!!!!!!!!!!!!

visit :  DE LA SERNA   Key Tower  700 Fifth Avenue  Seattle Washington 98104
206 941-4418  10pm till closing

Im going to bring some great jewelry and Hot -Glass from New York

Please stop by the week of: March 18th to the 31st 2014   10 to 6 pm

I want to visit  the hot glass galleries and see who? is new and who? is who ? .

The Hot Glass center of the USA is in Seattle. / Portland

6"x4" bowl

One of the things I brought back to New York was my love for HOT GLASS.

I will have a nice COLLECTION-  of New York Jewelers and crafters to delight the locals.

I hope you all stop by .

I need a good Salmon dinner and some

Seattle Love when I get there.

A hug  Jesse