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I can really remember a time in my life when I use to watch Marlo Thomas on THAT GIRL and dream what it would be like to have a life -like the one she had in her small ,N.Y. apartment..
All the funnie things that happened to her in New York , her apartment , with Donald and on her trips back to Brewster New York

That show made me dream that one day I could leave Detroit and have my own New York experience.  Of course in those days I had a girlfriend named Charlotte Swieczkowski and had no gay ,awareness that I toooooooooooo wanted my own dreamy -Donald. !!!!!!!

It's 2013 and Marlo is still working hard to make people live their dreams .  She is still working hard for the kids at St Jude's Hospital and is still a force in the theather and film.

Jesus said:
" Marlo , I use to see you Dubed in Spanish and your show was call  " Esta Chica "
 she loved that someone from another continent knew her work.

Jesus and I are both a very proud to represent small American a…