Saturday, May 5, 2012


Move, Think, Rejoice----   Galleria J.Antonio  has been filled with things to do this spring.
I think the longer I am in retail the more enjoyable- the job becomes.
Here is some of the magic moments that happen around here

I had a young man who wanted to buy a Galleria J. Antonio- watch , he googled , my brand right in front of me .
"I probably can get this on cheaper.  If I can ,will you match the price????
.  I just looked at him and smiled " sure , I think you can find this watch on ""
Of course the site exists , but, my watch is only available here-not Goggle"
Perhaps I could make lots more money , but, for now I just love the Internet moves.

April 6th -Jesus and I attended SEDAR dinner at Andrea Rochelle's rooftop on York Ave.  Of the 80 people  who attended- we hit it off with a young couple that had just moved to New York .   He said he grew up in a house of hearing impaired parents and when he got to school he thought everyone was whispering about him.  He later realized that what he thought as normal conversation , was , way to loud for the rest of the world.  He met his wife in law school and they love living in New York . I asked them where they lived and they said at 50 Ave A downtown .  Wait !!! that's across the street for Galleria J Antonio !!!!!  Instant love and high fives followed with I'm sure some good food and talks between us.  

A good friend named Carol who lives in this building came in looking to get me to place ad ad in a talent show program .  When I found out the talent show was going to benefit a food kitchen/shelter I said to her
Yes   I'll take an entire page   The ad will read :                                                                                                        
                                            In 1998 ,after the AIDS related, death of Jose Antonio

                                             I lived 2 months at :St Lazarus's Shelter for men   Seattle , Wash.

                                             In 2012 I will greet you At : GALLERIA J. ANTONIO
                                                                                            47 AVE A NYC

I hope to inspire someone who is down on their luck today but will see that miracles do happen

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