Thursday, July 25, 2013


Over the last 30 years I have had the pleasure of selling things to lots of celebrities .
  Lucille Ball ,  Cher , and 

KEN RUSSELL- were some of my favorites.   Ect ect........

Ken loved OVER SIZED faux jewels.  The bigger , the better.!!!!!!
    The day he was here at
 Galleria J Antonio he was sitting in our big window and we placed what he called THE MAHARAJAH necklace around his neck.   He had a twinkle in his eye that beamed with joy when he put something on that sparkled.  A man walked in and said " I don't want to bother you Mr. Russell but I went into film, because of your work " Of course Ken just smiled and kept looking at the Hugh crystal at the BOTTOM of endless chains and looked over to this man ,   with approval.

 I was informed by my dear friend -Lisi Tribble(-Mrs Ken Russell)- NYC- that he was laid to rest ( cremated )- in ENGLAND- with a
 Galleria J Antonio necklace that was one of his favorites.  It was over 800 carts of rock crystal.

I'm sure Liberace asked him to wear it as soon as he got to ARTIST HEAVEN.

 Ken Russell , I m sure is wearing that piece- somewhere in that big universe where all our loved ones go. 

In this photo Ken is wearing our clamp on bracelet with a Hugh plexi-glass  top.  Its encrusted with crystals on both sides and do you see how happy he looks in GLITZ. 

Thank you for being in or life and loving GLITZ at Galleria J Antonio. 

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