Saturday, May 23, 2009

Greetings from Jesse Gee (Curator)

Words by Jesse Gee, Curator
Photographs by Ken Francis

Its a beautiful day in New York and the sun is playing on all the shinny things in the Gallery.  It makes me feel good that this is what I have chosen as a livelihood. 

Galleria J.Antonio is a financial conduit between American craft makers and the general public. 

To see someone's idea, hard work, and training, turned into a product ---- fall into a box and then shopping bag, to be gifted or worn ----- still makes me feel good all over after being in the industry for forty plus years. 

I want to use this blog to introduce the Internet audience to the people that make Galleria J Antonio such a great place to be. 

Yesterday I got a box from CASA DE LA SERNA  Seattle ,Wa.    The fun part of this job is that its like Xmas every time you undo another box and dig inside its contents, it's yet another Xmas experience.

Casa de la Serna is a new source that we tried out last year.  Seattle has only two types of consumers.  One group that looks like they are in need of a shower and dress in old, worn, ripped-up but clean, clothes and the other looks like they fell out of GAP catalogue. 
I did not know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised to find this twisted, faceted, black, spinel with faceted, white topaz necklace with a sterling silver clasp. 

The artist has been selling fine art for years and it shows in the product's detail and execution. 

The other necklace is a simple strand of light & deep green -- light warm brown tourmaline's.  The occasional faceted black onyx bead ties the piece together for a person to wear it all day with anything.

That's what I like jewelry that you can wear all day long without having to think about it. 

Speaking of daytime I saw my favorite street person today.  He said everyone has gone mad and talks to themselves .  He said they use to have medication for that condition instead of calling plans. 

I have another box to open see y'all later.    Jesse Gee

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