Friday, July 22, 2011


Wedding gifts are always a problem for some people.
In 30 yrs of Galleria's existence ,I, have, heard it all but I'm sure there is room for more.

He's Jewish- she is not

She's Jewish- he is not

I want to give them something they can both use.

I do not know what their new place looks like
I don't want to carry anything on the plane -train-or subway
They have everything -already.

The registry is boring-too expensive$$$ - or, from a place I do not like

Do Same Sex couples get the same kinda stuff I get my hetro friends?

She's my best friend and I hate him.

Is it tacky to share a gift with someone else?

I'm unemployed but don't want my gift to express that.

Can they return it without knowing how much I spent?

How long do they have to return this gift ? and do they need the receipt?

Can I pay 1/2 in cash and 1/2 by credit card so my spouse does not know how much I'm really spending????

I wish people who have come here for my wedding gift ,rather, than some on-line service.

Do you gift wrap & ship?????

Will you gift wrap some items I did not buy here? and put it in the same box??

At Galleria J.Antonio I have managed to solve most of all those concerns , with a smile , with systems that get all that stuff done .

I always recommend shipping their gift to the "Mother of the Bride" , if possible.( are we talking to each other durning the wedding stuff)
The couple, take off ,even, if its for a week-end and your gift will reach them.
Thank God for those over organized mothers.

I know that the gift that is being given at a wedding represents Galleria J.Antonio and the eyes of many of the people that will be surrounding the "Opening of the Gifts"
In private or in public its all the same .

THEY GAVE YOU WHAT !!!!!!!!!!!


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