Its 2018 and things seem to be a bit confusing when it comes to gift buying . 

 I am so glad that my inventory is a collection of beautiful crystals, silver, gold filled and inexpensive watches .....Hot glass, stained glass and fused glass .... It's a great assortment of hand made and vintage items that do not include                   14 k -GOLD or high end products.    

The art and creativity at Galleria J Antonio ---  stand out in a city filled with imports and commercial goods . 

I still love repairing the treasures that are in people's life and of course getting A  watch to work is always a good feeling ... even in this day of cell phones ...

 your watch is like an old friend that you always enjoy being with .  

The HAMSA above is hand set crystals on brass with the eye's that looks out for your home and loved ones.  

My new hours are 12 noon to 8pm    See ya soon        Jesse


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