These are tiles that are in the subway.   I stood there in awe . because this  eye  looks like the one that is now watching all of us .  The Internet........

Judging us.   Making assumptions about us.
......  Preying into our data   .......
Making dangerous decisions about our hard work.....
Or our educational path.      or .....
 make assumptions of how we love our fellow human beings
And not knowing
What miracle s were created to ....Evolve as the people ......that ............we have become.

I’m writing this blog at the pleasure of The Internet.

****   I have no idea who will see this and who they are behind the eye that they see me. Or
my work. *********Or themselves.

as I watch people on their phones and use Goggle to gather information ......Endlessly

It’s obvious.  it’s a new time for The Eye  ********  electronic or human

caution to all of you.  **********  don’t trust the internet with your soul


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