Tuesday, October 23, 2012

FOCUSED ON : Galleria J Antonio

I am focused on GALLERIA J ANTONIO- this holiday season.
I am clear and unwavering that my clients of over 30 yrs want a fabulous gift they can be proud of.

I am not letting anything ---inside of me or---- outside of me hinder the full expression
 of Galleria J Antonio .

I send out undiluted love, to even those people that are in the market of moving energy, from, negative sources.

I have postponed " American Craft Week" until next year 2013-when, we can pay attention to the marvelous crafters and artist that want to show here.
I am clear that we need to make the show a place of UNRELENTLESS creativity .

**** I am clear and unwavering , giving my undivided attention to my hearts calling .
                                          GALLERIA J ANTONIO

The presidential debates left me with the idea that the Chinese, flow of goods, that has made
our things better and more special  ,
 may be on someones mind *******other than mine.

Our new collection of necklaces ,are not,   $$$$$$$$$$$     for the faint at heart.


made in a way you can wear them DAYTIME !!!!!!!!!!!

No pictures  ---you must come in and try one on .

The copy cats are always looking to build the next APPLE STORE in CHINA.

Lift yourselves today and everyday with love for everyone , I promise it will make you live longer, better,  and you'll be happier all around .