Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Handbags with a message

Kay Mahlick , Seattle Washington , is the brainchild behind these great handbags.

Every relative and second- hand shop has a VINTAGE ,bag for her.
 Kay makes sure each bag is in top quality , condition.

Unique , great quality , and unusual they are chosen like fruits at Wholefood ------Carefully!!!!!!

Kay has a list of famous quotes from friends and family.
 My friend ,Joe Serna, who found her asked her to make one that's says" I'm available -with his cell number"
If anyone has suggestions please email them to me at antonio10009@gmail.com

The way she places the antique microsoft and I. B. M. keyboards is a secret - living in Seattle they must endure rain, snow, and drinks with friends after work.
Kay guarentee's , they will not come off.

When Kay has the bag, the quote , and the customer ,her new wearable ,art bag, become a reality.

  What fun!!!! it is to have her collection here.

A fabulous client said "  I don't care about the quote - but - when I was little girl my mom would say to me " go into my bag and get $0.25 .  just $0.25 - the movie is .10 and you'll have .15 for candy. "
I can swear that this is THAT BAG.    Thank you for the wonderful memory and how much did you say this bag costs?     Yikes!!!!!!!   Ill take it .

Lucy Liu was filming an ELEMENTARY episode in our building and a staffer bought a bag for a writer on the show.

It seems the bag's are destined to be in the life of whoever falls in love with the concept of a recycled product ,with a message.

I did have a young girl ask me if she would be able to text on one????  Oh well , we know how blond jokes were born .

Sometimes we have up to 15 of her bags in stock , I like that Galleria J Antonio is the platform that brings unusual products to a retail audience.