Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween and Fashion???????

Its a few days before Halloween and the Lower East Side are filled with people putting together something for Halloween

I found these adorable hats from Sud bury Mass. Frogs Penguins Sharks Monkeys and Cats.
Lions Tigers and Bears !!!!!! ala The Wizzard of Oz.

The husband and wife team worked on 3 great design points.

#1 There is a plastic button that makes the hat fit a child and when the button is let out -It will fit an adult --or a growing child.

#2 The fleece is soft , warm , and colorful red blue green yellow --

#3 The hats are washable!!!! Yea!!!! Mom's love that. Maytag and Woolite friendly

I have them in the window as my slash Halloween / contribution to the night.

all you need is a black sweat shirt and jeans and your a shark ---then the hat can be used this winter

for real- Snow and rain friendly.

Happy Halloween to everyone -

I'm giving out candies (economy candies) to the tons of little people that fill up my doorway and smile at me every year.

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