Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I have been down here for a long time and the one thing everyone complains about is the ever changing change of the neighborhood.
East village, alaphet city , lower east side , Loisada anywhow you look at it we are still going through changes.

Did anyone see me on Channel 11 pix? The new venue accros the street that is part of Saturday Night Live-- Loren Michaels Upright Citizens Brigade. ----- is opening up a comedy club. The sign HOT CHICKS ROOM was the issue and when they asked me on camera I said that the sign was a target for the tagers to cross out the CH and fill it in with a BIG BLACK D . It would be an easy target for a tager to make a name for him or herself -on the avenue.

One thing is still true The Crafts that are here at Galleria J.Antonio are still in demand as gifts and treasures. I am always having people ask me "When did you Open" I never saw this place before. That gives me another chance to make a friend or customer.

If you have not had a chance to see us come down and look at all the new places to eat, shop, or just plain look at.

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