Tuesday, May 24, 2011

is it ELITIST to expect people to pay for HANDMADE?

It is safe to say that as goods become more disposable, demand, for craftspeople have shrunk??. Shoes, bags, furnishings ,and paper ect ect On line -off line- 99c shops- Wal-mart, and other discounters have made it easier to replace rather than repair.
To sell cheap goods companies engage in unfair labor, and who knows where you bargain were born????
. Also, we have been taught to look for a bargain , for everything , so goggle and eBay help us feel we have landed a bargain.
At what real cost??????????????? when our shops and neighbor's disappear. Tax revenues shrink and we got a bargain.

What about a balance of bargains and buying local and handmade. ??????

Galleria J Antonio, like many retailers of goods are up against the cheap look alike of our creativity. Its been like that for the
30 yrs Ive been in existence. Quality, Service ,and unique always live up to the clients expectation of letting some cash go for an item.

Some crafters have added commercial pieces to their lines and have knocked themselves off -That does not diminish their roll as an artist. That to will be their creation so that the one of a kinds can sit until someone owns them.

Sometimes Cheap is not worth it because it
: looks cheap , wears cheap, falls apart and the only one that won was the manufacture of that item. maybe?

The New York Times had an article about the number of young people that are turning away from corporate America -these college kids are turning towards something their grandparents did. People are trying to get their hands on something to do that makes a difference on the earth and their communities.
HANDMADE : is for the client that wants one of a kind , not , mass production.
I just had a retailer ask me what a craft was ? He said the term is vague and does not defind a product . Again, it shows me, my world is for a special audience.
I'll drink to that.

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