Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Galleria J.Antonio has its own WATCH line

I started selling watches in 1972 at a place called J.J.Elway on Fifth Ave & 42nd street -Its now called -DECO nyc
Quartz was the rage and our Pulsars and Longines lines were popular.
Then I moved on to : Tiffany & Co - Gindi Madison Ave - J.Antonio Christopher St -The Watch Doctor ,Seattle Wa
Time Will Tell Madison Ave ( Stuart Unger) SWATCH 57th st ( I WAS DR. SWATCH ) What fun I had!!!
and then after Graduation from N.A.W.C.C. (National Assoc. of Watch & Clock Collectors) to my present location at Galleria J.Antonio

I have always had sketches and ideas of having my own watch line in an already crowded WORLD OF WATCHES.
I felt no one would buy my watches, if lines like INVICTA sold thousands of units to Americana's on T.V. and every major line had its own store.

I was wrong. That kind of - Google-EBAY-overexposure of product- discounted lines and confusion makes a perfect place for my own private line of watches.
I am not a celebrity or an overexposed person but an ordinary watchmaker that understands that
AUDACITY AND EXPERTISE is what Galleria J Antonio represents.
AUDACITY is an idea, an impulse,or Chutzpah, that needs expertise in order to transform itself into a product.

Its my expertise as a watchmaker and - 30 yrs of retail- that make my small , limited , watch line an elegant , whisper in a collection.

Please visit me at :
Galleria j Antonio 47 Ave A , New York N.Y 10009 212 5059400 - to experience The Ultimate Luxury Timepieces,

Sincerely Jesse Antonio

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